Monday, December 12, 2011

Finally Finals, Part 3

After this semester, I have one semester left (hopefully) at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

Today, finals for Fall 2011 begin.  My first final isn't until 10, and then I have 2 on Wednesday.

Let's see.  What did I learn?

1 - Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is about how Morgan le Fay wanted to one-up Gwenevere.  I liked the story up till that point.

2 - A lot of people want me to be a teacher.  I don't know if I want me to be a teacher.

3 - Hamlet is Shakespeare's longest play (I think), and Hamlet's actor has to memorize over 1/3 of the play for his lines.  (However, I didn't learn this in class.)

4 - I am not good at public speaking and hope to God I don't have to do it often.  If I do, not like the script-version my prof had us do.  It was called an outline.  It was a script.

5 - I learned more about Creation theory because of DinoPaper.

6 - I learned way more than I wanted to about Andersen because of the "The Traveling Companion" paper.

7 - While on that subject, I never really gave that much thought to the interpretations of "The Traveling Companion."  I wanted to do my NaNoWriMo on a retelling of the fairy tale.  I quit NaNo, but I picked the project up again.  Now, I have a few other things to add to my story too.

8 - I think every writer has something untoward attached to them.  But then again, I think all "normal" people do too.  It's just the writers that get remembered for them.

9 - Dragons wanting maiden sacrfices took on a whole new meaning.  

10 - Psychologists analyze everything and totally ruined the animal-bridegroom trope in fairy tales for me.  Not really, but...anyway...

I hate when the "Big People" are right.  You learn more in college out the classroom than you ever do inside it.  Two of these I learned in the classroom.

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