Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Resolution #2 - The Reading List

I'm too afraid to actually count how many books are on my Unread shelf.  Best guess is about 160-170.  It stays around that number.

I've spent this year looking for the Dark Tower books.  I finally got in book 6, the last one I needed to find, recently.  I found the other six at the used bookstores and the flea market.  I couldn't find book 6 anywhere.  Giving up finding it, I just ordered a copy online.

So, next year, I plan to read all 7.  7 books in a year isn't a bad goal.  It's actually a pretty pathetic goal.

Also, I want to read One for the Money before Lacey and I hit the movies to see it.  I bought books 1-5 of the series from the flea market at a good price.

Other books would include
Inheritance by Christopher Paolini
Mastiff by Tamora Pierce
The Night Eternal by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan

I got them back in November, but since they're all last books, I didn't want to start them.  If they end wrong...  So many wasted years...

Anyway, I'm going to put on my big girl pants and read those.

So, that's 11.

Oh yeah, and A Game of Thrones should be in today.  That's another series I'm going to add to my reading list for next year.

Oh boy.

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