Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why Books Win

According to my My Books database, I have 580 books nesting somewhere in the deep recesses of my bedroom, and then some I have borrowed out.  I have 66 Kindle books.

The only problem with everything going to e-readers is that, well, I have an issue with being completely dependent on gadgets for everything.

I love my Kindle.  Some of the books are cheaper, and all of the authors on my Kindle are all new authors to me...

However, right now, there is still one thing the book has over the e-reader:

Who reads in the bathtub?  Who lights some scented candles, runs some bubbles, and just relaxes and reads in the bathtub?

It's great to have a billion books at your disposal, but would you really risk losing all of them if you accidentally dropped your e-reader it in the water?

I wouldn't.

I would rather risk losing one book than risk losing the 66 on my Kindle.  I would rather not risk losing my Kindle itself.  Books are easier to replace.  If something happened to my Kindle, I'd have to go through the trouble of replacing it.  My parents got me that Kindle for my birthday.  They'd kill me if I was so careless with it.

They think I got enough books, so they probably wouldn't care if I dropped just one book.  That would be a lot easier to replace.  But still, even if you did drop a book in the water, there is still a chance the book can be salvaged with a blow-dryer.  I've gotten apple juice on one of my favorite books, and it came out okay.  Lacey was borrowing one of my books and it got wet by a pool, but it survived it and the book is sitting on my shelf, safe and kinda sound.

Can you say that about an e-reader?

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