Monday, December 19, 2011

What Makes You Stop

The year's drawing to a close.  I have fourteen books bookmarked.  Two of them, I'm really tempted to quit.  One was from one of my mom's friend's book refuse bag, and the other from the Flea Market.

They're both romances, both by an authors I've known about since I've been reading Victoria Alexander (and nobody writes like she does!).  One of them I had only heard of.  The other one, I'm quite familiar with her books.  This would be the first of her books that I quit, and once I quit an author, I almost never pick them up again in other books.

I love me so good romance books.  However, a lot has happened in both of them, and I'm not even halfway through with them.  You know, where so much happens, but when you see where the puppy ear is and where it was last time, you've barely made progress in the book and it doesn't seem like you're any closer to finishing.

Translation:  These are those long, drawn-out, painful to read books that, by the time you're done, you're ready to throw them across the room.  Or perhaps before you're done.

I've started to skim.  I never skim.  I like to read every sentence carefully, because I'm prone to miss things.  And, even if I do read it carefully, I still may forget it later.

The small print should've been a clue.  Victoria Alexander's mass market paperbacks still have what must be 12-point size, and they're not considered large print.  And a lot happens, but you're also halfway through the book too.

Let's see, what else makes me quit a book?

1 - Reading the last page and not liking how it ended (only once, I promise--I think).

2 - Inability to care about the story, characters, et cetera.

Same reasons other people quit, I guess.

What makes you quit?

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