Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dr. Seuss StoryTime

I went with a friend of my mom's read to some special needs kids today.  I wanted to get out.  So, when she asked me if I was interested in helping her, I agreed.  It was fun, and I wore a red-and-white stovepipe hat and got to help kids make a little booklet.  They read The Foot Book.

Okay, two things are wrong here:

1 - I've sworn to never have children, and tend to avoid situations where children are involved.

Well, I can't stand--but I love--my little brother and nephews.  They are why I don't want children.  If that's how the cousins and uncle act, I can't imagine how my child would act.  However, not all children are so rotten.  And the kids I got to spend time today with were absolutely precious.

2 - I HATE tagging along.  Really truly.  Ask my best friend from GPort.  However, I wanted to get out the house and I figured #1 wouldn't be so bad.  It would only be for a little while.

But I had a great time.

Also, I found a movie, Snow Queen.  You 'member, 'member?  Hans Christian Andersen?  My favorite fairy tale of all time?  "The Snow Queen"?  Any of this ringing a bell?  Well, anyway, I'm gonna watch it later.

So, in my otherwise sucky life, I had a good day today.

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