Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some Thoughts on Censorship

As writers, we're encouraged to not censor ourselves.  This is fine in writing.  However, in real life, "nice" people have to keep their mouths shut because they may offend someone else.  I never want to offend, but I do like being honest.

Today, I posted on Facebook: 

"You're my family, I love you, but please, please, quit sending me game requests. Next person who does it gets deleted."
My mother liked to throw a fit.  Still, I had two friends that liked the post...  If someone like my BFF likes it, then how bad could it possibly be?

I understand censorship for the most part.  I know that the ACM's (Or the CMA's?) gave Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins their award early because they didn't trust the two on stage together.  Blake Shelton's known for getting in trouble for what he says.  At first I didn't really think it was fair.  Surely he's not so unpredictable.

When they were allowed on the stage for the CMA's, and the CMT Awards, it wasn't so bad. 

Maybe they were a little paranoid.

Censorship's a funny thing.  Sometimes it's totally uncalled for.  Other times, well, it may be okay.  I don't find anything wrong with what I posted.  There are plenty of other people who post they don't want anybody to send them any requests.  Some even threaten to burn their crops and kill their animals.

If I knew how...   ::thought bubble::

I'm so glad my mother doesn't read my blog.


  1. A lot of people can't take honesty. I can understand why people just want to be blunt.
    As for censorship, I have a lot of mixed feelings about it!

  2. Sometimes it is okay, especially when it comes to little kids. Other times, it's uncalled for. It's like the bleep on certain shows. It's not like the viewer doesn't know what's being said. But then, maybe the person shouldn't have said it to begin with.

    I guess it's like my old French teacher used to say, "Discretion."


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