Sunday, February 13, 2011

Writing and Reading

This is going to sound like the exact opposite from my post on the 8th.

Writing is lonely business.  I'm good at being lonely.  They're billions of writers out there, but when you get the real writing done, you're alone in your bedroom/pffice/writing cottage, probably with some music playing.  I noticed I write really well with Rich Mullins playing in the background.  He's my favoritest (yes, I'm aware that's not a word) singer, even though he's been dead for eleven years almost.  He's the one who said, "It's okay to be lonely as long as you're free."  It's a line from "Elijah" anyway.

And then there's my situation.  The friends I do have, I seldom spend time with.  A handful of text messages through the week, and that's it.  And then I see Lacey MWFs between the 8 and 9 o'clock classes, again, not much.

I spend a lot of time at home, with my parents and my little brother.  A LOT of time with my little brother.  Watch movies, read, tinker with Black Sight, work on Long Ridge...

And then on Sundays, I'm at the Methodist church for Ragamuffin.  I didn't go today, though.

Oh yes, I'm alone a lot.  And Writing is not always there.  Reading is though.

I guess that's the best part about books.  They can't ignore you.  You don't have to talk to them, but they have a lot to say to you.  And they will tell you all about themselves.  They're there when you want them.  They're convenient and you don't have to tend to them when you don't feel like it.  Yeah, books are the friends you like, but you love them too.

Take Nectar from a Stone for example.  I like it.  It's my favorite novel not by Stephen R. Lawhead.  But it's not perfect.  The writing's not that great in some places, and even the story's not, but it's still an awesome book.  I love it.

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