Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why Country Music Is Great

I had my TV on mute.  But I saw Josh Turner on GAC and I HAD to see what he was singing.  I'll give you a hint:  It was his first (I think) single.

Singers don't sound good when singing live and just recorded.  Now, when it's on the radio, CD, or the music video is on GAC, then it sounds good.  (Yeah, videos play on CMT, but I'm a GAC-er all the way!)  He sounded like he was singing through his nose, but it didn't matter.  It was Josh Turner.  And it was "Long Black Train."

Country music, supposedly, has the most loyal fanbase of any other genre.  All of the country singers that lasted a while say it.

Justin Bieber says he has the best fans ever.  If he's still singing twenty years from now, then I'll agree with him.  But he ain't a country singer, y'all.  Does he really have that chance?  Seriously?

I don't think so.  Look at the years of those below, from their first album to their latest.  Some of them aren't retired yet.  But you know they all take breaks from time to time.

Current Reigning King George Strait (1981-2009)
Brooks & Dunn (1991-2007 {their last-last greatest hits before their break up came out in 2009  They'll be missed as a team, but they're supposed to be coming out with solo albums.})
Alan Jackson (1990-2010)
Current Reigning Queen Reba (1977-2010)
Martina McBride (1992-2009).  She just signed on with a new record company.

All those years I got from Wikipedia, just so you know, but those numbers are at least in the ballpark.

Heck, I don't think most Christian singers get that longevity, but I don't know.  My favorite Christian singer, Rich Mullins, died back in 1997.  He had had a ten year run.

Oh, found one:  Sandi Patty (1978-2010).  Never listened to her.  But my buddy from Gport mentioned her.  And some Gospel singers, none of which I know except the Gaither group, and that's because of GAC.  Actually, Gospel is a forefather of country music.

Jay DeMarcus, currently a member of Rascal Flatts, was once part of the group East to West, a Christian duo.  This doesn't work out.  He becomes a country singer in a band and lasts ten years and counting.  How awesome.

But country music's got its flaws.  There are a lot of drinking songs, songs about sex and cheating.

However, there's a country song for every situation.

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