Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's/Nomance/Singles Awareness Day!

No, I didn't get a Valentine overnight.  Not even in my dreams.  Actually, I had a creepy dream last night.  THERE WERE NO GUYS IN IT!  Just the gal pals.  How weird is that?

But if you follow my blog, you may follow these too, but I'm going to post the links anyway:

Sappy Singles Awareness Day!  <-I've decided to not be politically correct and post what I'm celebrating today.  Also, some poems from last year that I wrote:

There's no shame in being single
It gives people the freedom to mingle
You can do whatever you please
With cute strangers, shoot the breeze.

You can ogle the handsome men
Without explaining to your boyfriend
You can spend money on yourself
And add more stuff to your bookshelf.

Valentine's Day To Me

Here's what I have to say,
About the dreaded Valentine's Day:
It's so lonely and boring,
When I'd rather be soaring,
Oh! How I hate this day!
It comes every year
But no one calls me his dear
With much fanfare and appeal
Cause no one cares how I feel
But you'll see me not shed a tear.

So I'll sit at home but not pout,
Until I have to put the bad dog out
Or maybe be lazy and keep her in
And just re-read The Wedding Bargain.
And I can picture a hero, not a lout.

This hero, Maximillian Wells
Is a rare gem among males
He passes Pandora's test
And wins the heart in her chest
Alas, he belongs in fairy tales!

This book ruined my love life
I may never become a wife
Just waiting for a similar love
It's the stuff dreams are made of
Only with God, I'll bear my strife.

Yeah, that second one was real popular last year.  ;)

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