Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Critical Thinking Process At Its Best

I was making some sweet tea earlier (neither my parents drink this, but my little brother and I would probably bleed sweet tea if you cut us).  When making sweet tea, you have the boil the water and let the tea steep.

Well, my dad made blue drink (Kool Aid?) into the pitcher with the wide opening at the top.  This would have been ideal for pouring the pot of tea into. (and I mean pot, not tea kettle.  I'm talking the kind of pot you cook Ramen noodles in).

The only thing to put the sweet tea in was an old tea jug.

My family has not had a funnel in years.  I mean, probably since I was in elementary or middle school.  Since I'm in college now, it's been several years, obviously.

I needed a funnel.  And I couldn't exactly go to Wal Mart this time of night to buy one. 

I thought about all the things I use for a funnel when nothing else is available.  If I'm using a solid, a rolled up piece of paper works good.  Like for sugar or something.

This was a warm liquid.  Paper was out.

I had a Barq's root beer bottle on my computer desk.


I walked into my bedroom.  There was still some root beer in the bottle.  Oh well.

I poured it out and cut the bottom two-thirds of the bottle off. 

I had my funnel.  I rinsed it off and made sure the bottle's top would fit into the jug's top.  If not, I had to think of something else.

But it fit!

I showed my mom and she said, "That's the same thing you're dad would've done.  You're so his kid."   (There's a few stories like this.)

When I showed my dad, he said, "Good.  Perfect."

It wasn't stupid-proof, now.  I had to hold it steady while pouring the water and sweet tea into the jug, (learned THAT the hard way) but it worked.   For a prototype.

Later, my dad said, "Make sure you rinse it and put it with the clean dishes."

I would've thrown it away when I was done with it, but since Dad said so...

I'm certain my mom will get us a funnel soon.  I mentioned to her before making the funnel that we needed one.  She agreed.  If it doesn't happen, well, I need to start getting all different shapes and sizes of bottles.  ;-)

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