Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why Yes, I Am Plotting

So, I got a new Shiny New Idea.  I attempted something I'd never attempted before. 

I did a chapter-by-chapter outline.  There are 21 pieces of paper, with a description of a chapter/scene on each.

I've done some basic stuff, but I've never done this much planning ahead.  I know everything that'll ever happen in the story.  And I am pleased.

About the story...welll, I've been playing with a certain idea for a while now.  And then, yesterday, while I was in the library at the college (everyone knows libraries are magical places), I kept turning the idea over in my head.

I thought of a problem, I got on Monstropedia and found something else that would REALLY work and help with the problem.  I got an idea.

So, last night, I printed out some of my unused writers' planning templates.  I managed a summary of each chapter, and then a possible scene I wanted to add.  I stayed up past midnight, maybe to one a.m. 

The story showed itself in a cause-and-effect.  There were some parts I knew had to be in there, but I didn't know where I wanted to put it.  So, I got to look at some individual parts and try the ideas in different orders.

I now understand the importance of planning.  Now that I got it all planned, I haven't tried to write any of it.  How shameful of me.  I hope to start typing on it soon.  I wrote an opening sentence yesterday, but I don't think it exists anymore...
And a semi-cute pic of plot bunnies:

Some plots are different, others seem similar.

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