Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Typer's Block

I love contradicting everything people say.  Even if I'm wrong...

Writing Process?  No.  For me, it's a cycle.

In Shiny New Idea #2--because I haven't touched Shiny New Idea #1 in months--and in the up and coming revised Black Sight (we'll call it the Naren story for now), I'm at a difficult place.  It has nothing to do with the stories.  It's just me.

I got typer's block.

What does this mean, dear reader?  Well, it means when I sit to write at my computer, nothing comes out.  And the stuff that does come out sucks.  With a capital s (to put the 's' uppercase would be redundant, don't you think?).

But I can write fine with a pen/pencil in my composition book.

This will go away.  It's a cycle.  After this goes away, I'll only want to type at my computer, but I'll stare at the empty page.

And then there are times when I can do both.

Right now?  Where's that notebook....

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