Friday, March 18, 2011


...will probably be lame for me.  My spring break will be full of homework/research, applying for jobs, and a trip to the DMV.  Pray for me.

Actually, if all goes right, it'll be thus far the best spring break of my life.  I'll be able to actually leave my house on my own, and have a way of making money.  Pray for me.

Today went pretty well for me though.  I wrote two and a half pages in my 8 o'clock class.  Yes, I did pay attention.

Class was about how we are all actors/actresses and how we go through life playing different roles.  Super Sociology Teacher used several examples.  One of which a student being in a teacher's place.

My 9 o'clock class is English Composition II.  We talked about poetry, why more people didn't write it, and a little bit about what we all wrote.

I think I was the only one who raised a hand when we were asked if any of us had written a novel.  I sit in the front corner, and it would've been rude for me to swivel my head.

"Did you finish it?" Awesome English Instructor asks.


A guy I'd been knowing for years said I should bring it to class--I knew he didn't mean it.
Get your stones ready:

Because I'm not published or have a degree or anything, I hate saying I'm a writer.  I say "I write," not neceessarily, "I'm a writer."  Sometimes I  say it, but I'm usually embarrassed.

Later, however, when I thought back to the class, I thought I should be proud of myself.  Thousands of people start books they never finish.  I'm bad for starting and never finishing myself.  But it's about the same with books for me.  I just never take the bookmarks out.  Or in the writing case, I just never delete Chapter 1.

But at least I've finished one novel.  More than one, actually, but that's not important.

Finally, in my last class, World Civ, something odd happened.  I've never had a bad day in that class.  EVER.  Today was just weird.

I walked in there and some of the older students (parents/grandparents) were talking about swimming.  They were talking about how they were thrown in and they didn't gte back out once they got the hang of swimming.  It was funny.

A few minutes later, another "kid" (this kid has a mustache, btw) pauses by my desk and reels back like he's going to punch my arm/shoulder.  I thought he was kidding.

No, he really did punch my arm.  It stung, a little.  I don't think it was bruised.  This guy didn't say anything, just did it.

When he walked past me, I looked after him.  He wasn't focused on me anymore.  That was probably for the best.

And then class went on as normal.  We're covering Russia right now.  The Rise of the Romanovs and all that.

And so my Spring Break begins.  Now, I need a job and a license.  Pray for me.

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