Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Asking for Advice

I've been a Culinary major for a full semester/summer and already I'm rethinking it.  Good thing I never actually started culinary school.

I want to be a writer.  That's it.  I still want to have my own restaurant someday, but honestly, I should only chase one dream at a time and THAT would seriously cut into my writing time.

One can't serve two masters.  It's in the Bible, so it's true.

I pick writing.  I want a normal 9-5 where I have plenty of time to write.  Sadly, writing doesn't pay very well.  Heck, with the exception of the 99¢ thing on Amazon, which I had no control over, I would write for free.  I've been doing that since 05 anyway.  It was never about the money.  I'm not saying I don't dream about becoming a Bestselling Author, because I do, but it's not about that, and it never has been.

Money doesn't buy happiness.  It buys comfort.

Looking through other things the W offers, and I've been considering business or accounting or finance-type stuff that all the advice for college kids websites say are good fields to go into.

Marketing.  Good idea for a self-publisher.  Plus, I would be able to get a "real" job, maybe.

I read somewhere that I should build a lifestyle that supports my writing.  That would.  I think.

It would certainly make me appreciate writing more.

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