Friday, May 18, 2012


I know I said I'd wait until I was done with all my Stephanie Plums before I started on my doorstoppers, but I decided against it.

I'm starting on the doorstoppers now.  I just finished Hot Six, and with no forseeable end to the Stephanie Plum books in sight, and no foreseeable choice between Morelli and Ranger (I've read some reviews for Explosive Eighteen), I've decided to cut back for now.

The Doorstopper list?

Books 1-4 of A Song of Ice and Fire, not all of them are really doorstoppers, but there's so many.
Inheritance by Christopher Paolini
Insomnia by Stephen King

I got a bunch of other hardbacks that are quite long, but these are my heavy hitters that I want to hurry up and get through.  I have some pretty long MMPBs to get through too, but I can always pack those.

Also, I counted my Unread books today.  First count was 190, the second was 182.  I'm gonna go with 182, because I think I know why there was an 8 book difference.

First up, I pulled Insomnia.  787 pages.

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