Thursday, May 24, 2012

Itsy bitsy--nothing itsy bitsy about THAT spider

For the record, I don't have arachnophobia.  But I hate, absolutely hate large creepy crawlies that sneak up on me.  If I see it first, and at a distance, I'm okay.

If I'm walking in my room and one just pops out that's like this big:

and like two inches from my foot, we're going to have a problem.  I don't remember flying across the room, but I did.

If it hadn't been 11:30 at night, I would have gone get my older brother (one of two; he's who's staying with us right now) or my dad (who's home this week).  Something about a huge spider turns me into a weakling.

I killed it.

I love the crunch when you kill a huge bug.

And I flushed it.  I got the idea from Brad Stine.  I've been watching a large amount of his videos.

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