Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Last Visit

I finished my finals yesterday.  On a whim, I drove up (me, alone) to the Port in the torrential rain (me, alone) and went see Amanda.

Today, my PTK t-shirt came in, so I drove up to the college to pick it up.  There was a sign on Prof's door saying she wouldn't be in until 9:30.

I went to the library to wait.  One last time.

I spoke with one of the librarians for a few minutes.  Deciding I wanted to get my phone to call home and say I'd be awhile, I left the library to find Prof had returned, and it wasn't even 9 o'clock.

I got my shirt, saw how bad I parked, and that was that.  My time at Perk is over.  My final grades should be posted later today, and I'll put those up when I get them.  I'm just as anxious as you are.

Now, for the shirt:

Front where-the-breat-pocket-should be.
I find that a little hypocritical since I really have
none of those traits, except perhaps scholarship.

Back.  talk nerdy to me.

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