Thursday, May 31, 2012

Be Careful What You Wish For

I got my first rating/review on Smashwords.  3 stars.

Darnit.  Darnit.  Darnit.

This was my biggest fear with self/e-publishing.

It's not a bad review.  It's not a bad rating.  But I wanted at least 4 stars.

The star rating system on Goodreads (according to them is):

1 star - didn't like it
2 stars - it was ok
3 stars - liked it
4 stars - really liked it
5 stars - it was amazing

For the record, never, ever take my ratings on books if you're my friend on Goodreads.

My rating system:

For half of my 5-stars:  No, it's not great literature, but I enjoyed it anyway.  It was fun, that sort of thing.  Good way to kill some hours.

For the other half:  This book was freaking amazing.

(The fact I don't review most of these doesn't help things)

4-stars:  Well written, not perfect but still pretty good.  I'd recommend almost all of my 4-star rating books before I'd recommend 1/3 of my 5-star books.  (What am I talking about recommending?  None of my friends read, and even then, we don't even read the same stuff.)

3:  Ugh, well, it was okay, not for me, but still good.

2: had a plot.

1:  I hated it.

Assuming this person doesn't have my review opinion, I did okay.

We're going to the store today.  Maybe I should get a pint of Dutch chocolate ice cream.

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