Friday, May 18, 2012

Idle Questions

1 - Do the people who play the Power Rangers like their jobs?

2 - Come to think of it, do any children's actors like their jobs?

3 - Do women in historical romances shave their legs since they're always "creamy white"? (Their legs, not the women, but I guess they are too...)

4 - Do the Avengers like running around in their costumes?  (Awesome movie, by the way, you must see it!)

5 - Does Chris Hemsworth wear a wig when he's Thor?
(Actually, I Googled that one, and it's a wig, apparently a super-wig.)

6 -  How do authors really feel when their books are turned into movies and they butcher the books?

7 - How many more Stephanie Plum books will there be? (I know the movies depend on how well the first one did.)

8.  Will Disney ever release Frozen or will it be put on ice again? Pun intended.

9.  Will Disney ruin "The Snow Queen"?

10.  Should I look up a nunnery?

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