Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beastly Thoughts on Love

Oh, I just love to contradict stuff.  I would've saved this for Easter, but I'm not sure where I'll be so...  ::Shrugg::

Several weekends ago,Lacey and I went see Beastly.  You know, the modern take on Beauty and the Beast.  Sorry, readers, I'm a Hans Christian Andersen duckling, not a Grimm's sister.  Because I'd never contradict Andersen.

Anyway, the tagline of the film was Love is never ugly.

A few weeks ago, playing with a draft for the Novel Formerly Known as Black Sight, Naren and his fiancee/girlfriend were having a conversation.  Naren said something like love was the ugliest thing in the world.  I didn't write this draft down, so I don't remember his exact words.  This existed only in my head.  Well...

Sorry, I think I'm going to agree with my MC other Hollywood.  I'm totally not biased.  ;)

The truest statement of love is a Jew hanging on a piece of wood that shaped like a lower-case T.  The Jew may have once been a handsome man, but he'd been beaten so badly, if his own mother wasn't in the crowd watching him, hadn't watched his torture, she may not have known it was him.

This is not a pretty picture.

The Jew was Jesus, and this upcoming Sunday is Easter.  I used to think Christmas was my favorite holiday, but I'm thinking it could very well be Easter, if I really thought about it.  I mean, sure, I don't get gifts--usually, although the past few years I have--for Easter, but it's still a great holiday.  I mean, even before I understood what Jesus did, all that chocolate...

Yeah, I'm a chocolate bunny-holic.  But even after that, it held more meaning towards me.  This man had come and died for me.  For me.  Even when I don't deserve it.  Even when I screw up.

And even if there had been only one person who wanted to be saved, God still would've had Him do it.

Easter is the sweetest time of the year.  The Ultimate Gift of Salvation Which Was Completed when HE CAME BACK,  and then the lesser gift of a lot of chocolate.

Sorry, no eloquence this year.  I'll see y'all Monday, because I can't guarantee to be on here tomorrow or Sunday.

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