Friday, April 22, 2011

Only You!

Due to all the crap that's been put on Facebook by my family--the adult members, who knew?--I've decided I'm glad I have a small readership for this blog.  The only reason that I even have a Facebook is because there's no other way to communicate with some people on my Friends' list and to plug my blog.  Really, it's futile because only a handful of people click anyway.

That's now good with me.  The people who read who I don't know personally have obviously found something here that they liked.  That's good.  The people who do, well, they love me enough to read it, and even if they don't agree with it, they love me anyway and can accept it.


1.  Whatever you're doing.  If you're having such a grand time, why are you pulling out your smart phone or logging onto your computer and posting it?  Huh?  Yeah, I admit it, I wanted to post last night that I was having craw fish.  But my hands were dirty and I forgot all about it.  I was having a good time and forgot.  By the time I remembered, it didn't matter anymore.

2.  Wherever you're at.  I have nothing better to do than stalk you, huh?  Please.  I have books to write and read.  I don't give a crap where you are or where you just left.  Post that you got home safely.

3.  Slams against another person where everybody can see it.  Really.  If you can't say it to their face, don't post it.  Or are you just a coward?

Social Networking was supposed to be just that.  A social network.  A way for people to keep in touch, but also a way for people who've never met in person, and perhaps never be able to meet in person to meet--as confusing as that sounds.

Don't abuse it.

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