Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Well, It's About Time!

Okay, so Goodreads added "Genres" shelves.

What does this mean?  It means that I can browse books by genre.  But it gets even better!  I can look under fantasy, and there's all these subgenres!  I'm so happy this finally happened.  Now, I don't have to look through fan-voted lists and see a bunch of books that really aren't that genre.

I love this.  Goodreads has been needing to do this, and I'm so glad they did!

And the subgenres* include:

Dark Fantasy (I've been accused of writing, and I've read some)

Dragons (OH YEAH!)

Epic Fantasy (LOTR, anyone?)

Fairy Tales (Granddaddy of the fantasy genre, all the spoofs & spin-offs)

Fantasy of Manners (Comedic-type fantasy where manners matter and there is often a hierarchy involved...)

Heroic Fantasy (a favorite of mine--a lot like epic fantasy, LOTR falls under this category)

High Fantasy (another favorite, this HAS to take place in another world, lot like heroic fantasy)

Low Fantasy (Fantasy set in the real world)

Magic (stuff my mom would kill me if I read it--Not to be confused with the MAGIC REALISM genre)

Mythology (stuff about gods and goddesses and greenmen--anything myth-related)

Paranormal (ghosts, UFOs/aliens, clairvoyance, etc)

Sword and Sorcery (Christian Guide to Fantasy STRONGLY urges against this subgenre, quite frankly, I don't blame them)

Unicorns (okay, do they really need their own subgenre?)

Urban Fantasy (I've read some, don't care for it).

Obviously, these genres are going to overlap, as in High, Epic, and Heroic Fantasy.  Also, I'm sure Urban and Low Fantasy overlap.  Dark Fantasy and Paranormal wil overlap.  Unicorns and Dragons are just subject matter...they can apply to anything.

*And I am not responsible for any inappropriate covers that appear once you click the link.  I only wanted you to be able to see a better description and examples of each subgenre.

And looky what I found under Dragons:
Inheritance (Inheritance, #4)
By Christopher Paolini

Coming November 2011--tentatively.

Yes, these books are a little cheesy.  Yes, these books are Star Wars with a fantasy filter.  I don't care.  These are the books that got me reading.  It's interesting, how you see the change in the writer's writing proficiency here.  The writing in book 3 is WAY better than the writing in book 1.

Let's see how book four and final works out!

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