Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scissors and a Stapler

I moved my books to Google Docs, so I can access them from anywhere, which comes in handy for at school or when I'm traveling and while I don't have my desktop computer, there's a computer handy with internet access.

I took the chapter markers out.

BAD IDEA.  Even if it is all in one document, it's still smarter to have all the chapters marked out.   So, with a printed version of the story, I went back and divided it up by chapters again.

Chapters were the most brilliant thing ever invented, I tell you.  They help writers organize the story.

So what I did, instead of just marking where one chapter ended and and the next started, I cut the page.  After this, I stapled all of the chapter together and numbered it.  While I was re-plotting, I was able to redo everything by chapter.

I replotted two more chapters from where I was.  Not much progress, but better than nothing.

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