Monday, April 25, 2011

When in doubt, check the laundry hamper

I found my book.  No, it wasn't in the laundry hamper.  Actually, I put a black garbage bag in my hamper and use it as my personal trash can for my room.  But my book was under a pile of my clothes.  The principle still applies.

Another thing my finding my book validates is that you find something when you're not looking for it.  I was looking for a clean pair of blue jeans. 

And I know how it happened.  I put it there to keep it safe.  Mom gave me some clothes to put away.  I put it on top of my dresser on top of the books and there we go.  I have a nervous breakdown trying to find it and think I may have left it at school or something.

No.  It was there the whole time, just waiting for me to find it again and be picked up and read again.  YAY.

One time while I was cleaning my room, and I remember I balanced my school binder, my composition book, and the book I was reading on the mouth of my laundry hamper.  I was trying to throw clothes in there without knocking my stuff in there.

For two or three days I couldn't find my stuff and had to go to school without it.  I finally remembered what had happened with me putting my school stuff on my hamper.  Once I dug into the depths of dirty clothes, I found my book, my composition book, and my school binder, still stacked, at the bottom of the hamper.

When in doubt, check the laundry hamper--or maybe just the laundry.

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