Sunday, May 29, 2011


When I would do Vent Pieces, I would get an idea, start writing, and then realize that I didn't have enough to make it full-length.  I would then delete said Vent Piece and go on.

I've been doing that a lot lately with my blog.  I'd start on the post, and then realize it's either not enough, or perhaps I didn't want that particular post to mar my blog.  Every now and then, I delete posts here and there for that reason.  So that post that says it's my hundredth post, it may not be anymore.  But not like you're counting.

When I moved my stories to Google Docs, I shared one of them with my two best friends, Amanda and Lacey.  Like most writers, I want someone to read my work and tell me it's good and fluff my ego up.

However, when I'm not working on said story, and Lacey (the one that's a writer) texts me pretty often (but not everyday) asking me if I worked on 'fairy,' I wonder if it was the best idea to share it.

ESPECIALLY since it's a rough draft.  Also, I deleted an entire exchange and rewrote another exchange in its place.  There was another exchange that should've happened before the first exchange that I wrote, and anyway...

I know people say that if you put stuff on the Internet, it never goes away, but I wonder if that's true.  I mean, it'll show up in Google Search, but if you deleted the file, the computer will tell you so when you click.

But whatever.  Some things should've never been written (or posted publicly).  Oh well.

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