Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sit Down, Shut Up, and Write

I've been a little off when it's come to my writing lately.  I hadn't written anything really productive.  Planning what I wanted to write isn't writing.  Writing is writing.

I've been questioning this writing thing lately more than usual.  I've been slacking off the reading and writing a lot.  It could be that it's summer and I have more work to do around the farm than usual.  It could be that I didn't like the story I was working on and didn't like where I was going with it, and just didn't want to look at it.

I opened Changeling Rehabilitation(CR) on Google Docs yesterday.  It hadn't been changed in 14 days.  2 weeks.  DANG.

Also, last night, I scrapped the four chapters I had of Story Formerly Known as Black Sight(SFKBS) and just started over.  All the planning I did be darned.  I didn't even look at it while I was writing.

It feels good to be at the computer again and not just blogging everyday.  ;-P

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