Friday, May 13, 2011

The Infernal Book

This is probably the only time I'll post an actual review of a romance book this year, and not just mention it in passing.  I actually read this book this year, and not 2-5 years ago.  

Book:  Morning Song by Kimberly Cates
Morning SongRating:  4 out of 5 stars

It was a pretty decent book.

Hannah Gray has fled Ireland with her nephew, Pip.  After leaving several false trails, they decide on England as their desination.  After going weeks without food, they happen upon Ravenscar House.  The Master's assistant can't handle the demanding hours, or the madness, and leaves.

Hannah agrees to be Austen Dante's new assistant, to transcribe his music, even though she can't read--let alone transcribe--a single note.

Meanwhile, Pip's father is tracking them down, and Austen Dante has his own demons to face.

I certainly admired Hannah for doing all she could for Pip.  She thought she was just going to spend the night at Ravenscar, get some provisions for her and Pip, and be gone the next day.  Nope.  In the meantime, she becomes very comfortable--and very uncomfortable!--at Ravenscar.

I honestly thought Hannah would pick up a music book or two and learn on the job how to transcribe music.  Nope.  She just writes stuff down the entire time like she knows what she's doing.

One thing I really didn't like about the book was the fact the word "infernal" was on every single page--or it seemed like it.  In dialogue, in the narrative, in the backstory....every single page!  Sometimes multiple times on a page.

In a lot of ways, it reminded me of Nectar from a Stone though, since our heroine was running away from a psycho.  He was an abusive husband to her sister and just as bad to Pip.  Also, the hero is willing to kill the psycho.

(I still get excited every time I read Gwydion chopping off Maelgwyn's head.)

Although, Nectar from a Stone didn't tick me off nearly as much when the book reached its climax.  I mean, this book's twist really ticked me off.  But at the same time, I saw something coming.  I totally knew William Atticus was a crook.  But I didn't think he was that wicked.

It wasn't a 5-star, but it was pretty good.  I'll remember it.  Of course, when it reminds me of my favorite book, you better believe it.

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