Monday, May 2, 2011


#1.  I'm on a roll with lying to myself.  I'm going to make an effort to enter the Daily Flash Fiction challenge on Writing.Com.  After my membership expires, I probably won't pay the money to renew, but I might.  You never know.  So I need to get active on there.  If not, I'm going out with a bang.  (I'm liying to myself.  I repeat, I'm lying to myself.)

So, I cleaned out my portfolio.  The only things on there now are my poetry, short stories, 2 polls, and my Velveteen rabbit graphic that goes in my signature.  The Vent Pieces, the Brennie novel from 2 years ago, and some other stuff are all gone.

#2.  I'm changing the Blog's name and the Blog will go under some minor reconstruction--as soon as I figure out the new name.  But it's got to go.  Any suggestions?

#3.  I do have another blog:  I've talked about the farm a lot on here, but I've set it up it's own blog, so if you want to see the stuff we have--or don't have anymore in this case, go there.

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