Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bargain Bibliophilia

Bibliophile:   a lover of books (Merriam-Webster)  
:  a collector of books (the dictionary that came with some older Works programs)

I made it to the Flea Market today.  And the Books-a-Million in Hattiesburg.  

So, at the Flea Market, the book booth has become it's own section.  And the paperbacks were only $2.00/book.  While I didn't find anything really on my list, I did find books 2 & 3 of Stephen King's Dark Tower series.  I have book 1 already, and I hate to read a series without all the books.  I would've looked longer, but my mom rushed me.  But anyway...

We made it to BAM.  Let's face it, I still get the chilly-willies when I go into a bookstore.  I probably always will.

So, there's this book The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.  I'd seen it earlier at the Barnes and Noble in Gulfport.  It was the trade paperback and not something I wanted to spend $16.00 on.  This book is making a big splash in the fantasy world, though.  What's the hype?

I found the mass market paperback (which was only $8.99) today in BAM.  Again, I opened it and had my reservations.  I mean, there were just chunks and chunks of text.  No white space.   If it had been between 3-400 pages, I may have ignored it.  His Majesty's Dragon is like that.  But 700+ pages?  The covers were too far apart. 

The Last Hardbacks
I Bought NEW--I Think?
 I had no reservations about spending $16.99 on My Unfair Godmother.  I'd already read one of Janette Rallison's books and I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with another.  I was so trusting, I didn't even open the book until I was in line waiting to check out.  And I was hooked!  Rothfuss was an author I hadn't read, 700+ pages, and the little bit of the first chapter and prologue wasn't easy reading.

Also, the book had only blurbs on it.  I remember reading about it and thinking it was interesting, but I couldn't remember at that time in the store.  Sure, what people had to say about it is important, but what the hell was the book about?

What I did get from the bookstore was $5.97.  It may not have cost that much because I have a discount card.  I don't really know, my mom paid for it.  She was getting a bunch of stuff for my brother, so I got to get some stuff too.

It was The Dragon Book.  A collection of dragon stories, by authors that even if I hadn't read them, I knew who they were and what they had written.  It was regularly $24.97 but had been marked down--probably due to poor sales because of the price.

I love this:  I'll shell out $24.99 for a Stephen R. Lawhead hardback without batting an eye, but not $8.99 for a novice's paperback.

It's a matter of trust, I think.  I mean, I know with Lawhead, I can't go wrong.  It's not easy to read, and it gets confusing sometimes, but I know I'll never regret reading a Lawhead.

Although, as a writer, you're supposed to read everything you can get your hands on, even if it's something you doubt you'll like.  But that's a post for another day.  ;-P

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