Monday, May 2, 2011

Finally Finals, Part 2

Okay, so they got Osama last night.  YAY.  God blessed America.  Could it be He's trying to get this nation back under Him and gave us a gift instead of allowed a disaster?

Just speculating, dear reader, just speculating.  Just seems that every time a national disaster hits, we fill up the churches and people shout "God bless America."  Wonder if they really know what it means or even care at some point.  God's already heaped blessings on this country.  For all the dirt we're in--censorship for my earlier post about this country--this is still the greatest country in the world.  As Madea would say, "No matter who's running it."

As interesting as the news report was, I had an 8 o'clock final this morning.  In Sociology.  I doubt I made a 100, but I know I passed.

Following Sociology, I have my World Civ II final and my Biology I final tonight.  I have an 89 in Bio, but because I want an A, I'm taking my final.  I could opt-out, but I decided to take it anyway.  I want an A.  Especially now since I doubt I'll have an A in Sociology.  But I want to get into Honors for next semester.

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