Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My Honors professor asks the teachers whom we do Honors projects for not to go over the top with what they have us do.

World Lit I: 4-5 critical analysis on Hans Christian Andersen's "The Travelling Companion."  This is that teacher's first year at Perk, and first year, I think, having a student do an Honors project.  She didn't know what to give me, even after talk to Honors Prof, and she let me pick.  I don't know how much analysis has been done on "The Traveling Companion" but I know I'll be able to manage it.

Why didn't I do "The Snow Queen"?  That would probably take 10-15 pages.  It's an in-depth fairy tale and there's been a lot said on it.  "The Traveling Companion" is more obscure, and there's not as much on it.

Biology II: 14-page paper and a 10-15 minute presentation on a topic of my choice.  No, it's not over the top at all.  0_0  I got a bunch of scientogical topics that I was interested in together.  On the list that I showed Bio Prof, he picked...dinosaurs.  Oh, I am so having fun with that presentation.

I got two topics that I really like.  You know, I heard a horror story about teachers who give their Honors kids 50-100 page papers.  Some outright refuse to give their students a project at all.

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