Saturday, September 24, 2011

Investing in Books

Because I've enjoyed the Gemma Halliday High Heels Mysteries, I got a boxed set of another of her series:  Hollywood Headlines.  One of the characters from High Heels has a big role in these books.

I have one book left in High Heels, and then a little novella-type book.

Gemma Halliday's been a great author so far.  She's got the sensationalism thing down pat.  Every book seems bigger, badder, and more dangerous than the one previous.  Rare gem, that, no pun intended.

Just for what the last book and novella are about, I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy them.  Maddie and  the LAPD are getting married!  (Well, if you looked at the descriptions of all the books, you know it's happening.)  The short is about their first anniversary that falls on Valentine's day.

Okay, I'll admit it:  The Christmas short wasn't that great.  I think she wrote it just because readers (and maybe the author herself) wanted to know what a Ramirez-and-Maddie first Christmas would be like.  This last novella is a mystery like the rest of the books.  I can't wait.


It's such a great thing when you can find an author you just click with as a reader.  You find books that just satisfy you.  It makes you smile just thinking out it.  Years after you read it, you're still like, "Man, that was a good book."

While I'm on a chick-lit mystery reading blitz, I kind of want to check out the Stephanie Plum books.  They're not exactly chick-lit, but they keep comparing Maddie Springer to Stephanie Plum and I read the first book's description and I am interested.  Perk's library has two of them.  I'll have to see about an interlibrary loan for the other ones.  Hm hm hm...

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