Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Double Standards

Excerpts from Jadi's Connotative Dictionary:
Zeal - the most annoying human emotion
Zealot - an annoying person
Huntin' - we don't say "hunting" here. It's huntin'.

I have standards.  We covered this.

I got double standards too.

Double Standard I've Caught After Serious Thought:

If I haven't mentioned this before, I'm anti-environmentalist/green (even if it is my favorite color), and anti-animal rights.  I am 100% save the humans.  Under no circumstances is a tree or a dog more important than  a person, nor are they equals.  Keep this in mind.

My mom and I were going to pick up Vin from the Elementary school.  Mom was telling me about the stamps she got.  One of which was, "Go green."

"How dare you," I said.

When she asked why, I said that it was environmentalist.

My mom doesn't exactly share my views.  She agreed that yes, we were first, but that doesn't mean we should destroy the world.  She's okay with being enivoronmentalist.

I don't want to make it worse, I told my mother.  I just wasn't going to go out of my way to help.

It's unfair of me.  One, because if something is "go green" and just so happens to be cheaper than the normal one, I'll get it.  It's cheaper, after all.  I'm against it, but I'm not impractical.

Every time I see the ASPCA begging for money, I think, "You wouldn't need so much money if you invested in a 20-20 (or even a 30-30) and some bullets."

My mom's friend the librarian worker is go-green.  She's one of the best people I know.  But she also knows that people are more important.  Lumping her in with the zealots isn't fair to her and gives the crazy ones too much credit.

Passion is infectious but when people go over the top, I shut down and shut them out completely.  Considering that's all I see, I'm prone to think all the supporters are that way.  Again, not fair.  If somebody's going to chain himself/herself to a tree, well...anyway...

Now that I have given myself a good chastisement, it's time to read a Kindle book that no trees were killed to make.

One day, I'm gonna plant a bunch of trees in my backyard and then I'm going to sell it to a paper company.  "Here!  I planted them with THAT purpose in mind.  Now, print me some books."

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