Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pass the Shrooms, Please

I learned some interesting stuff in Biology II today--other than jokes from Bio Prof.

A single fungus can produce up to a million or even a trillion spores.  A spore from Louisiana can wind up in Arkansas.

Their mycelium can spread out for acres and acres.  Enormous.  All part of the same organism, too.

Can we say horror story fodder?  You see plenty of horror stories about bacteria and virus induced illnesses and things like that, but fungus?

Fun biological thriller.  Good way for somebody to kill two hours.  Somebody other than me, because I'm not a thriller and/or horror movie-type person.  I read it, can't watch it. 

Primeval did an episode with a highly-evolved fungus.  It looked like the swamp monster.  This beastie infected an entire building and at first they wanted to use a flamethrower to kill it.  They wound up having to freeze it.  It killed almost everybody that came into contact with it.  One of the main characters gets "infected" and they freeze her, but bring her back to life, and then she quits the force.  She'd been in plenty of near-death situations, but after that, she decided to quit while she was ahead.

That's the only instance in media I can think of.  But then, I wouldn't know much outside my sphere of entertainment either.

Just imagine the people from the Mushroom Kingdom (Toad from Mario Brothers), turning evil and running rampart on the streets of NYC...

Attack of the Evil Mushrooms!

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