Monday, September 19, 2011

In the Stacks

Two people were in the stacks at the library on Friday.  You know the PS section with all the Dean Koontz and Stephen King books and Mercedes Lackeys...  In effect, all the fiction books.

There was a person there other than me, that is.

One of them, I wanted to stare at in plain shock.  Nobody is ever in the stacks when I'm back there.  Unfortunately, I had to go to class and I had to leave so I couldn't stare at the poor fella.

So I left and went to class.  By the time I was back, he was gone.  But there was somebody else back there asking my mom's friend the librarian worker about the books.

She went down the PS aisle too.  Two in one day.  Amazing.  I asked her if there was anything in particular she was looking for.  No, she was just seeing what they had.

The only books I've really read were the Stephen Kings.  She was open to anything that wasn't a murder mystery, is that what h wrote?

Stephen King's horror, I told her.  I think she looked a little, well, pale.  You know, the kind of face people get when they realize they may be talking to a mentally unsound person.

Still, I recommended The Eyes of the Dragon, and Firestarter.  Good starter King books.  You get a taste of his writing but don't run the risk of wetting your pants.  Perfect. 

The best part of all this was that she still took my recommendation and took one and said she'd try the other one next.

You can well imagine my excitement.  Not everyday somebody takes my book recommendations, and certainly not everyone goes into the library stacks.

All in all, I'd say that was a great day in the library.

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