Friday, September 23, 2011

What Do You Use?

I know, I know, this sounds really weird coming from somebody my age, but:

There is such a thing as too much technology.

I have Microsoft Word 2007 on my computer.  It's a great software, however, it thinks it's smarter than I am and re-formats my document.  I write fantasy.  I have weird names (although most can be found in a baby name book).  Those little red lines get distracting.

I like WordPad.  No red lines show up.  It doesn't try to re-format what I'm writing.  It just lets me select Times New Roman, size 12.  And I can go, go, go.  Comes up quicker too.

When I first started writing, I used WordPad religiously until I got all the shiny stuff in Word.  Obviously, it got old.

Look at how simple and easy that is.  No stress.

On Word, I have to do all that, fix the spacing between paragraphs, constantly see how many words I've gotten on the bottom task bar, constantly, constantly, constantly re-fix my font/size of the text, tell the program to quit tabbing for me because I know where the tab button is and I like pressing it and I don't like the little spacing arrow at the top of the ruler moving from the margin line, red or green lines appear under the errors...

Is all that really necessary when I'm not interested in any of it at the moment?

I hate Windows 7 with a red-hot, flaming passion.  It committed the unforgivable sin of changing WordPad (that's not the only reason, but it was the dealbreaker).  It looks like Word now.  I wanted to pull my hair out when I saw it.

Word does have its advantages, though.  When I'm ready for all that pretty formatting, or I need to put in a page break for a school paper, grammar check, and word count, then Word's fine.

But when I want to just pound keys and figure out what I'm going to do to my characters next, all that fancy stuff has to go!

What word processor do you use?  (And do you have any recommendations?)

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