Sunday, September 25, 2011

Something About a Book

I have a Kindle.  I love it.  There's so many books in this little electronic package.  It's mouth-watering.  It's enough for me to spaz and twitch over.

So many books...

We met up with the pastor and his wife yesterday.  Pastor was urging Mom and Dad to get my a Nook, what his wife has.  They know I'm a bibliophile and an aspiring writer.

Proudly, I pulled out my Kindle and showed them.  "I love it."

Yeah, I know I got a BlackBerry Torch with a touch screen.  Touch screens are cool, but I like pressing buttons.  I love my BB.  I can use buttons or the screen.  Otherwise, I probably would've given the Nook more consideration.  I like my Kindle.  It works for me.  I can't do touch screen only.  I refuse to do touch screen only.

I think I have a tangibility complex.

The goal of the Kindle was for everything to fade away and to loose yourself in reading.  Some time last year, I started Yours Until Dawn by Teresa Medeiros on eBook on my computer one night.  The next day, I sat down at my computer and stayed there the entire day.  Didn't take care of the animals, probably didn't eat much, I may have gotten up once or twice to do something for my mom, but mostly, I just read.  I finished it that night.

It doesn't take much for me to get lost in a book, no matter what the medium is.  The only problem with reading eBooks on a computer is that, well, as comfy as my computer chair is, as comfortable as I can make myself, I can't haul my desktop everywhere.

This is where my Kindle comes in.  I don't take it many places, mainly because I'm afraid of it getting damaged or stolen.  Well, not afraid.  I'm paranoid.  I have the Kindle app on my BB, so it's not a big deal.  I can read it on there.  And that screen is back-lit, so I don't need any lighting.

But there's something about a book...

I picked up a print book yesterday (the day before?) and just the feel of it seemed foreign, but familiar at the same time.

Man!  That feels good.  Never mind it was by my favorite author.  I will continue to get his books in print until publishers are no longer making print books.  Which, hopefully, is a long time from now.

Kindles don't smell like ink and paper and don't have real pages you can turn.  It's also a lot harder to read the last page.  Trust me, I've tried.  Don't judge me, it's not like you've never done it. 

Books are more user-friendly too.  You can easily read a few pages ahead to see if Guy A walks in on Girl A and Guy B and then go back.  You can't do that on a Kindle, not without losing your place.  I did that last night on my Kindle.  I had fun trying to find my place again.  You puppy ear the page and then look at the author's pic on the back and wonder what he was thinking when he was shot with the camera.  Or you can read the back description or just stare at the pretty cover.

Did you know a lot of Kindle books don't have the cover they're advertised with?  How annoying.

Print books, for now, aren't going anywhere.  I just ordered 3 from Amazon, one was a pre-order.

They should never go out of style.  What'll happen when the government decides we don't need electricity?  How will we power-up our gadgets then?

Books don't need batteries, to be charged, or booted up.  Just open the cover and go, go, go.


  1. Ha. And my family thinks I'm nuts. I love the feel of books, yeah the smell of nicely crisp pages. I cringe when my son has to annotate on them for school. I love my nook but it doesn't even come close to print. =)

  2. That's the mindset of a lot of people. They love their e-readers, but it's NOT a print book. You can't get that sort of magic from a machine.


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