Wednesday, August 17, 2011

College Prep Work

Classes start Friday.

I picked up my books today.

What classes am I taking?

  • Computer Applications I (pre-req to graduation)
  • General Biology II (pre-req) 
  • Public Speaking (pre-req)  
  • Creative Writing (towards my major:  English.  Or at least that's the reason I'm giving)  ;-)
  • World Literature I (towards major)
  • Walking (pre-req, I have to have a PE-type class and I'm too lazy to do anything more strenuous.  Although, I may take Aerobics next semester, depending how this semester goes.)
  • Honors Forum (I'm smart!)

To graduate from the college I attend with an Associate's degree, I need 64 credit hours.  That's 16 hours a semester, if you want to spread the whole thing out.

My first semester I took 15.  My second semester I took 13.  I really wish I had known how many hours I needed before the end of last semester.  I would've taken the 16 both times.

However, if I take 18 hours this semester and another 18 next semester, and don't fail any classes, I'll have the 64 hours in 2 years.  I won't have to go an extra semester.

Of course, I want to take all of the English courses they offer.  That's classes I don't have to take at a University if I'm even able to transfer.

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