Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Even More Fairy Tellings: The Gancanagh

My other favorite villain is the Gancanagh.  I've found a little bit on him, but not much.

The most common description is:
"A Gancanagh (from Irish: Gean Cánach meaning "love talker") is a male faerie in Irish mythology that is known for seducing human women. 
"The Gancanagh are thought to have an addictive toxin in their skin that make the humans they seduce literally addicted to them. The women seduced by this type of faerie typically die from the withdrawal, pining away for the Ganacanagh's love or fighting to the death for his love. 
The faerie is typically depicted carrying a clay pipe, though he does not smoke it because faeries generally detest smoke. 
It is said to have died out or to be the last of its kind."
-Wikipedia, although you can get this description a lot of other places too. 

There's no accounting for taste, really.  I mean, this is the perfect romantic tragedy villain.  Sexy, debonair, charming and then...

WHAM!  Pining away for love that'll never be.

I've used this faerie as inspiration to a villain once before, and am planning to use a creature closer to this description, and by this name, in another WiP.

The romantic side of me (because there is one despite how hard I try to hide it) would kind of like to see a gancanagh as the protagonist of the story.  He could tell his story about how many mortal women fell prey to his grasp.

What if he didn't know he was a gancanagh at first?  What if he lost his first love and, trying to get over her, constantly staying in a relationship, even if he eventually killed the unfortunate mortal?

Okay, that sounds interesting, and if there is a book like this, I'm gonna have to look for it.  If not, oh well.  It's an interesting thing.

Vampires, what used to be considered demons, are now these tragic, romantic figures, why not the Casanova of faeries too?  Let everything get romanticized now!

Personally, I like them how I life my vamps, though:  the villains, unless it's Underworld.

Isn't he just sooo irresistable (this is the most common image of him):

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