Friday, August 19, 2011

First Day...?

Take note, today, I say that this will be the single most worst semester of my college career.

This may change.  I don't know.  Keep a positive attitude, Jadi, keep a positive attitude.

My first class went well.  It's Computer Applications and I looked at our syllabus.  All of that stuff I've been doing since 8th grade.  It's like Computer Discovery all over again.

Next hour:  Bio II.  I've heard countless--and I mean countless--horror stories about this teacher.  He's hard, his class is hard to pass...  Labs, tests, he's hard.  Study, study, study.

Public Speaking came next.  This was the prof everybody told me to take.  He's funny, he'll make it fun, blah blah blah.  We won't get to the actual speeches until the second half of the semester, and there's only four.  I'm still apprehensive.  He covers a lot of material during the lecture time.  He says it's really, really hard.

This was the biggest disappointment:  Creative Writing.  I knew one person in there.  The instructor talks like Popeye.  We have to write 3 short stories, 3 prose poems, and 3 other-type poems.  And the whole class has to read our stuff.  And we have to read everything everybody else writes.  We have to print it out, read it, critique it.  And it's like 20 stories a week.

Now, add that to studying for Public Speaking, studying even harder for Bio II and the writing I do for Long Ridge, and farm work, and my reading and writing time that I do to wind down.

Call me lazy.  I call myself lazy all the time.  

But I do not like taking the risk of over-extending myself.  My friends do it.  College students around the country do it.  I do not.

When I don't write for me, I'm a bitch.  Ask anybody who knows me personally.  Well, I'm one most of the time anyway, but it's exponentially worse when I'm not writing for me.

I am in the process of trying to get out of that class without it counting against me.  I found another one online that I can try...

Which, the reason that I won't drop the other two is that they're requirements to graduate from MGCCC.  I don't have to take Creative Writing while I'm there (especially if I can't go beyond that anyway).  But the other two, I'd just have to take next semester anyway.

Finally, finally, finally, I made it to World Literature.  I'm the only one in there with English as my declared major.  I was kind of disappointed, because I really thought that would be the class where I could meet other English majors that I haven't met.  There's so few...

But, the teacher was kind of excited that she had an English major and I talked to her a little after class.

So, at least my day ends well.

EDIT:  And yes, I am well aware of the fact that the Creative Writing Prof's system is a great one.  I just don't want to do that this semester.  I'm not in college to write.  I'm in college because I want a day job/career other than novel and/or freelance writing that'll allow me to move out my parents' house some day.


No profanity.