Monday, August 29, 2011

The Fairy Tellings

fairy painting
I'm brushing up my knowledge of fairy lore.

In some fairy folklore, fairies were originally angels. However, when God cast the devil out of heaven, some angels weren't bad enough to follow Lucifer, but they weren't good enough to stay with God either. They became fairies on Earth. The stories about the tithe, or tiend, come into play here, which involves a sacrifice to the devil, as they are his subjects. Some fairies are just supposed to be neutral. We'll be coming back to this.*

Other legends say that they're just a different race of people that were driven out by invaders. True recounts of these little people faded into legends and it became questionable that they ever existed at all. Simple.

Beings that were once revered as gods and goddesses were diminished when Christianity gained a grip on the world. They were still a folk belief, but they lost their stature as deities and went on to be known as fairies.

They are sometimes just dead people or a subclass of the dead. People who haven't gone on to heaven or hell. They just wander here.

*I use some version of this story for my writings. In one story, they're the ones that wanted to be neutral when heaven split. In effect, they're damned as much as any labeled demon. The Judeo-Christian God is an all-or-nothing God. Most gods are, really.

In a happier story where some of the fairies are actually on the side of Light, the fairies are the descendants of the angels that were in the wrong place at the wrong time (on Earth on whatever errand when Heaven split). Their children born on Earth are thereby confined to earth and mortal, but talented. They're not angels, but not humans either.


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