Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I had Walking this morning.  I had Honors Forum this afternoon.

Walking:  come to class, walk, and you get an A.

Honors:  Extra work, find two teachers to do an Honors project for, keep a journal, figure out which colleges you're going to transfer to, etc...

Lacey and I were sitting in Honors Forum.  It was full of people who had 26+ on their ACTs, did a bunch of extra credit, you name it.

Um, I made a 22 on my ACT, I spend all my free time writing/reading, taking care of animals, and living at the beck-n-call of my little brother.

"Damn, we don't belong here" was my thought.  Sigh...

I was surrounded by overachievers and intimidated.  Not just a little intimidated.  I mean, I was really really intimidated.  We don't meet again, however, until after Labor Day.  Thank God.

It was pretty eventful.  We had to mix-n-mingle at the beginning of the class.  Had to sign a contract that we'd behave and everything.

My classes eligible for a Honors Class:  Public Speaking, World Lit, and Bio II.  I'm going to ask around with all three teachers.  Regardless, I want to do World Lit, because I'm certain I can do it.

So, the run-off is between Public Speaking and Bio II.  I'm pretty sure I'll do Public Speaking, because then, I'd probably just have to do an extra speech.  I don't know what my Bio II teacher would have me do.  I'll ask him AFTER I've talked to the other two instructors.

Well, won't this semester be fun.

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