Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Cracked...

...for the right reason.

Mom wants to go see The Help.  She read the book somewhere around January-February and originally wanted to go see it with her friend that she'd gotten the book for for Christmas.

Said friend was seeing my uncle, which is how she met us.  She and my uncle are not together anymore.  Lot of relationship drama.

Personally, when my uncle's (now) ex was talking about it back in December, I really wasn't that interested in it.  "These ladies telling their stories" translates in my mind, "literary, character-driven, no plot or point, stay away from at all costs."

So, Mom really really wants to go see The Help.

Personally, I am suspicious of any book that becomes a best-seller/movie/"you better read this book, it's the best book ever."

Mainly because most of the books I read that went celebrity are usually no better than the ones I read just because I found it in a bookstore and it looks interesting.

It's like the Angry Bird hype.  I'd never played and everybody was talking about it.  I played it on somebody's phone.

Is this it?  That's all it is?

I guess it is addicting, and maybe it's fun once you've been playing a while, but...all that hype for that?!?

I admit to being a cynic.  I admit that I go into these celebrity books with higher expectations.  I mean, I thought the Twilight books would blow me away.  Um...okay.  I guess I liked it at first, and I understand the hype:

1.  Easy to read.
2.  Hot guys.  Who cares that they're both psychotic jerks, they're hot as hell.  (I don't know personally, as I've never been there, but hell's supposed to be unbearably hot.)

I think the only well-known books that I read that didn't disappoint me or leave me with nothing were the Stephen Kings I've read.  The few that I have read, that is.  Of course, I didn't read any of the well-known ones.  But everybody knows who SK is.

Once classes start back up again, because my mom doesn't necessarily approve of my owning SK books,* I'll get them from the library.  She doesn't oppose to that, or if she does, she keeps it to herself.  She hasn't said, "Don't bring that trash into my house!" yet.

Now if I brought a Harry Potter home, she'd just kill me.  No warning.  No yelling.  She'd just kill me.  She drilled into me while I was still a very young and impressionable child that Harry Potter was of the devil and I was never to read it.**

So, once I move out on my own, Lord-willing that ever happens, I want to try the first one.

But, I heard the last one was a disappointment, which is a big turn-off for me to start reading them now.  You know how I feel about endings.  If the last book sucks, the whole bottom falls out as a series.  Because that's how it all ends!

I'm reading The Help.  If we can manage it, Mom and I will go see it.  So far, the "Negro" grammar is just flat-out annoying.  We know they didn't talk properly way back then, but do you have to butcher the language on the page?  So what if it's realistic?  It's irritating and a little hard to understand at times.  Second, I HATE books that are first person with multiple people telling different stories.  It's confusing.  I understand all the stories are about to weave into this wonderful tapestry, according to the reviews, but it's just annoying at the beginning.

That's what I get for reading outside my usual genre.

But it is interesting.

*Because she doesn't want it taking a semi-permanent residence in her home, and I don't think I want them there either, really.  Books are magical.  It's like all that horror will just seep out... 

**Add that to her popping in a cassette tape of Revelations (the one about how God was going to end the world), and you have a nice snapshot--not the whole thing, just a snapshot--of my childhood before I even really liked to read as a hobby.

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