Saturday, August 13, 2011

Enjoy the Ride...

I got a smart phone.  A Blackberry Torch.  I got it two days ago (I think).  Mom and I both got them.

So, I'm figuring out my new toy--er, phone.

It's really cool.  I finally get to have all the cool ringtones like my friends used to have when the whole ringtone thing started.  Lots of country music, obviously.  And Gollum saying "My precious..." At first Gollum was my text tone, but it got a little creepy after a while so I changed it.  But it's still on there.

Well anyway, the novelty of finally getting online from my phone's worn off.  I like my big, clunky, outdated, desktop monitor just fine.  It's 17-18 inches, something like that.  Lots and lots of room.

So, where has The Help been in all of this?  Well, I'm almost done with it, actually.  Not done, but almost.  I like it.  

Okay, I love it.  The characters, the premise, so not what I thought I was getting into.  But then again, because I want to be a published writer someday, it'd go against my nature to dislike a book in which the main characters are writing a book.  If it ends right, it may even make my favorites list on Goodreads.

And since I stopped worrying about finishing all those other books I started years other than this one, I am so going on to read my Vesper Holly books.  And Westmark.  And the other Lloyd Alexander book that came in not too long ago.

I return to classes next Friday.  Better read as much as I can.  Once classes start, while it won't stop completely, it'll slow down.

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