Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Magic Words

I was reading a review for a book on Goodreads.  The reviewer complained that the book was very plot-driven.

After that, I was done reading the review.  Some people don't like plot-driven books and prefer the characters more fleshed out.

Not me.  I prefer plot-driven books.  Not that I don't like character-driven books too, because I read them, but I was thinking, "Plot-driven?  I'm sold."

Of course, it was a fantasy, so it really should be plot-driven anyway.

Other magic words to make me want to read something:

"Wales" particularly, but the other Celtic countries too, "Ireland, Scotland, etc" because of all of the Stephen Lawhead books I've read.  Talk about molding somebody's tastes.

"Dragon(s)."  'nuff said.

"Spin off of (insert whatever fairy-tale/folklore here)"

A mention of a mythology in general (uh, hello?  Twelve Labors of Hercules in 1816 England?)

Sometimes names.  In the case of Nectar from a Stone:  Gwydion.

If the description implies it'll be humorous.

Thinking up more now...

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