Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Somewhere in the Middle

Today's my 19th birthday.  Do I have anything planned?  Sure:  Go to class, ask about doing stuff for Honors, read, write, take care of the animals, wait for the stuff I ordered...

The 19th birthday is really weird.  I mean, the last few were really special.

15 - I could go get my learner's permit.  And I still have the damn thing.

16 - Well, 16's just a big year.  It's supposed to be the year of magic in a girl's life.  I was supposed to get my license.  Ha ha, yeah, real magical.  Curse-magic.  But I'm not bitter about it or anything...

17 - I could give blood at the school's blood drive.  I remember I turned 17 that Monday, gave blood that Thursday.  I could go see R-rated movies, no more legal curfew...  I think my favorite b-day was my 17th, actually.  I mean, that whole year was big.

18 - I could now vote and buy cigarettes if I wanted.

19 - uh....  anyway.  It's my last year as a teenager?  I guess that counts for something.  I remember discussing in English Comp II about how, when you're 19, you're past 18, but not quite 21.  It's kind of like limbo, really.

Vin's birthday is today too.  We are exactly 13 years apart.  He's six now, in first grade, and as boy as boy gets.

He was born 2 days after Katrina.  He's had some form or party (well me too, really, but it's because of him) almost every year.  

Well, here's to the year ahead.

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